Carmen and Jose

Carmen and Jose, the story of love, infidelity and death
The characters of the famous opera Carmen by George Bizet

Carmen and Jose is the name of my embroideret picture. These characters appears in the famous novelle of Prospero Merime og the well-known opera Carmen by George Bizet. Carmen is a poor Gipsy woman who works at the cigar factory where she met a young Spanish soldier Jose. They fell in love with each other and Jose lost his mind because of this beautiful but dangerous woman. Carmen forced Jose to leave the army and become a bandit. He has to fulfill the order of the woman he loved, but his life became a tragedy. Carmen suddenly lost all her feelings for Jose and feld in love to the handsom and brave Toreador Escamillo. She did not care at all, what would happene to her former lover Jose. Jose became very upset and jealouse, but he was eager to get Carmen back by all means. Carmen did not want to have anything to do to Jose and she adviced him to go home and have a simple life at his village. Jose could perhaps do it if he also lost his love and passion for cheating Carmen, bit he did not. He was still madly in love with her and he wanted to forgive her infidelity and affair with Escamillo. Jose did his best for persuading Carmen to return to him and start the relation again, but Carmen did not even want to listen to his appeal. She told Jose that she is finished with him and her love belongs to Escamillo. Escamillo wantede to impress his beloved Carmen with his new victory against the bull during bullfighting i Sevilla and she came there for sharing Escamillos love and his Triuph. Carmen was in love and happy and she never even thought about her former jealous lover Jose. But she should be! Jose could not stand any more that Carmen loved another man and he decided to kill Carmen.