The Snow Queen -the beautiful and icecold cruel Lady of the Winter

Snow Queen is a character of a famous fairy tale of H.C.Andersen
The Snow Queen is the Lady over Winter and Frost. This character appears in the famous fairy tale of H.C.Andersen, who lived in Denmark. The author made a very beautiful and sincere story about The icecold Snow Queen who was looking after some bad children. While the Snow queen f lew over Copenhagen, she saw a young boy Kay who got a piece of Devil’s mirror into his eye. Kay became absolutely different than before and he behaved himself badly and even cruel to his own grandmother and his nabogirl Gerda. The Snow Queen offered Kay to get a riding in her sled with white birds and he agreed. Poor Kay never came home. Gerda and his poor grandmother were upset and cryed all the time. At last Gerda decided to look forac her missing friend and she left home. The brave little girl had to experience many troubles, dangers and adventures before she could reach the Palace of the Snow Queen in the Nort Pole. Gerda met Kay and wanted him to go home with her, but Kay still had the piece of Devil’s Mirror in his eye and he could not be the same boy like before. It does not matter what Gerda said to him, he did not want to leave the Palace. Poor Gerda became very upset and burst into tears of sorrow. While she was crying, her warm tears came på Kays forehead and ended in his eyes. The tears splashed the Devil’s mirrors piece out of Kays eye and he suddenly waked up and understood everything. The two children won over the Snow Queen and came home to Kays grandmother