About Lana Art

My name is Lana Petersen and I like to create artworks by a special method, which I call Needle-brush painting.                                                                                                                                  

This method has partly been known during the last 150 years, when the first step sewing machines were invented, and the persons, who used them, found out, that it was possible not only to sew clothes by these machines, but also to make some embroideries. Unfortunately, the machine embroidering has never become just as popular as a hand stitch embroidery, and since the beginning of the 20th century, it became more and more neglected.

When modern sewing machines received electrical motors and later computer programs, then the old fashionable step sewing machines became to a total useless relict from the old ages, and the art of embroidering by using these machines became almost forgotten.

I have been fascinated of these old fashionable machines opportunities during many years, but unfortunately, at the beginning, I did not know the method of embroidering, and it took me a few years of training before I succeeded to improve the old method and to create my first needle painted picture.

What is the difference between the different embroidery methods?

I call the method ”Needle-brush painting”

Someone can become curious, why I call my method “Needle-brush painting” and not the machine embroidery.

This is because I want to make it clear, that my method only partly has something to do with the old fashionable way to embroider, because I really have developed the new method. When I receive an inspiration to create my embroidered pictures, I have absolutely free hands to do anything, what I want, because there no any certain tables, which could limit my fantasy. During the process, I can change details, colors and even ideas so many times, as I wish, until I will feel myself satisfied of my work.

What is the advantage of the “Needle-brush painting”?

In comparison with the other embroidering ways, my method has a few advantages such like: it can create huge pictures by size and ideas, all my pictures have 100 % embroidered background, what the other methods practically never do, besides it I can make some details of the pictures extremely distinct, what is impossible for other methods.

Hand embroidered pictures can never have quite round lines and more than one color in one cell, but I can easily embroiderer any delicate shape and form, and I can also use 2-3 color nuances by one time. As for the computer controlled embroidering, than I totally refuse to recognize it as an art, because this are the machines, but not persons, who make the work.                                                                                                                                                     

At last, there is the most important advantage of my method: both hand and computer controlled embroidery methods can only produce a mass production.

My works are unique, because I can never duplicate my own pictures even if I really want, this is impossible. My pictures exist in the only example of each, and nobody including me can ever make a true copy of it. 

P.S: I was searching in the Internet for a long time for someone who create similar embroidered pictures. I have found NONE!